Nyla Usha with her new Range Rover Sport HSE Black Edition – Watch video with her son Aarnav…

നൈല ഉഷയും മകനും പുതിയ റേഞ്ച് റോവർ സ്പോർട്ട് ബ്ലാക്ക് എഡിഷനുമായി…

She posted on her instagram “Say hello to my new ride 😃 It’s a lovely Range Rover Sport HSE Black edition😍 Couldn’t be more thankful for everything that got me to this beautiful moment. Thankyou Sreedhar and the wonderful team at ALTayer for making this journey from the decision, through my confusions and finally to the smooth handover. I promise to be a better, careful driver🙏🏼😇”

Nyla also posted some videos with her son Aarnav saying “Annoying Aarnav Day”

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