Sameer Hamsa enjoying the ultimate driving experience in a Mercedes-AMG on ice in Sweden

ഐസ് തടാകത്തിലൂടെ ബെൻസ് എഎംജി പറപ്പിച്ച് സമീർ ഹംസ.

Car control isn’t a skill most people are born with. It takes years of experience in different cars on different surfaces to master. Mercedes-AMG gives an opportunity to Drift on a Frozen Lake During its Winter Experience. Sameer Hamsa has experienced it in Sweden & posted its video in instagram. Have a look at the thrilling video.

The program is in the town of Arjeplog, Sweden. There, drivers will get the chance to pilot four different Mercedes-AMG vehicles on a lake that’s frozen solid. During the time between driving sessions, participants will stay in the four-star rated AMG Lodge.

Driving on ice is an awe-inspiring experience like no other, where you slip out of grip and move into a graceful slide. Sameer Hamsa is driving flat out on a frozen lake in the middle of Sweden. Watch it.

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