Imagine not having to change a lightbulb for 50 years! Imagine that bulb being 60% more energy efficient than a standard LED bulb.

Philips LED’s most energy-efficient A-class bulbs
Philips LED’s most energy-efficient A-class bulbs

Good for planet and purse: Signify introduces Philip LED’s first most energy-efficient A-class bulbs

  • New Philips LED A-class bulbs consume 60% less energy compared to standard Philips LED bulbs and have a longer lifespan
  • Provides consumers with a smart investment for the planet and their purse

Looking for an Ultra Efficient light LED bulb?

Look no further. For the first time ever, Philips has developed an Ultra Efficient light bulb that uses new technology to cut carbon emissions, reduce material waste, and lower energy usage. With an amazing 50,000 hour lifetime it lasts more than 3 times longer than the Philips LED bulb equivalents — and uses a miniscule one-third of the energy. Just what is needed for a more sustainable planet.

Signify, the world leader in lighting, introduces the first Philips LED A-class bulbs that meet the more stringent EU Ecodesign and Energy labeling regulations that come into effect on September 1, 2021. The new Philips LED bulbs with a longer lifespan provide consumers with a smart investment for both the planet as their purse. The more sustainable LED bulbs, available in 40W and 60W equivalents, will hit the shelves on September 1, 2021.

For an A-class rating under the new regulations, lighting products have to reach an energy efficiency of 210lm/W. Signify has developed and designed four regular A-shape light bulbs that meet these criteria, meaning they consume 60% less power to achieve the same light output and quality as standard Philips LED bulbs. Thanks to this technological breakthrough, the new products are the first in a range of new Philips LED A-class bulbs meeting the highest level in the new EU energy labeling legislations.

The bulb that can last half a century

The new Philips LED A-class bulbs – which meet the high-quality Philips EyeComfort1  criteria – are the brand’s most energy-efficient lamps in this shape yet. Consumers can benefit from a 3.5 times longer life span than Philips LED’s regular A-shape equivalents as the new bulbs are able to shine light for approximately 50.000 hours. This translates into an average lifetime of 50 years2 , which provides consumers with a smart investment in the long run, for both the planet as their purse.

“Our passion for a better and more sustainable world pushed us to further innovate and increase the energy efficiency of our LED lighting. With this technological breakthrough, we created our most energy-efficient lamp in this shape yet, while maintaining the same high quality of LED lighting that our customers are used to. This innovation puts us well ahead of new EU regulations and this is just the beginning. We will continue to provide consumers the best quality of LED lighting, while we relentlessly work on further product improvements to contribute to a better world.”

Michael Rombouts

Business Unit leader LED Lamps and Luminaires at Signify


Consumers can recognize the new Philips LED A-class bulbs by the same zero-plastic packaging structure and design that they’re used to, but with a green background color to illustrate the commitment to providing consumers around the globe with sustainable lighting products. The energy labels of the other products in the Philips LED range will gradually be changed after September 1 to meet the new EU labeling legislations.

Signify is committed to further improving efficiency levels for all form factors over time and continues its efforts to achieving plastic free packaging on all its consumer product by the end of 2021. 

  • Philips LED Classic bulb clear 40W: White (3000K) and Cool White (4000K)
    EU: EUR 8.99
  • Philips LED Classic bulb clear 60W: White (3000K) and Cool White (4000K)
    EU: EUR 9.99

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