Amazing video of Man Paragliding With Black Vulture – Viral Video

A short video of a man paragliding with a black vulture

A short video of a man paragliding with a black vulture was shared in twitter which has gone viral. The video has been viewed more than 15.2 million times. There are 106.8K Retweets & 649K Likes for the video.

In the video, we can see the black vulture calmly flying with a paraglider at a height of thousands of feet. The bird is also seen adjusting its flight in the air by moving the rear part of its body (or the tail) up-down and right-left. Seconds into the clip, the huge vulture is then seen landing on the paraglider’s feet, while the person starts caressing it. At the end of the footage, the black vulture is seen biting into the glider’s shoes. The video has been shared by Twitter user Paul Nelson. The location has not been revealed.

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